About Me

This website/blog is for all the Hospitalists & Hospital Medicine.

I want to help you to smoothly transition to Hospitalist work. I love helping others.

I want to put Considerable amount of Time and Effort in to updating this site.

This site is for information and entertainment only and not for medical advice for your patients.

Site portrays my experiences & interpretations, as a physician at a personal level.

This site is being updated constantly. Medicine is constantly changing and improving. As new information is available from research and experience, changes are made in treatment guidelines.

Please rely on your experience and latest guidelines to come up with treatment options for your patients. Do not rely on the information given here to make treatment decisions on specific complex situations that you come across in your day to day work.

I am an Experienced Internal Medicine Hospitalist with FHM [Fellow in Hospital Medicine] designation who takes good care of inpatients.

I am a Certified Physician Advisor with a designation CHCQM-PHYADV who has a passion for Clinical Documentation Integrity [CDI] and Utilization Management [UM].

I have a passion to share experiences and teach others. I blog at www.hospitalistX.com sharing Hospitalist experience and UM Experience.

I enjoy uniting physicians with similar interests to learn from other Physician Advisors. I manage Facebook group “Physician Advisors, CDI, Utilization Management.’

I am an experienced HealthCare Leader. Served as Co-Chief of Medicine Department for 3 years. Worked as Hospitalist Team Leader for 5 years. Did “Masters in Public Health in Healthcare organization and Policy.”

I am looking forward to share my experience to make new hospitalists more experienced in a short span of time and make more Physician Advisors just like me.

I love learning new things. I learnt how to make blogs with WordPress and I made this blog or website on my own with no help from anyone.

“Views posted here are my own, not my employer’s.” I blog for my own fun and entertainment.

I like to help others by sharing my knowledge. If you want to share anything that you learnt that you think would be useful to other hospitalists, please do not hesitate to write a guest post in this blog. Just go to ‘Contact’ in the menu above and send me a quick message.