Hospitalists RVU calculator


I got the actual RVU values from CMS website page “Search the Physician Fee Schedule” and then I added to the excel sheet.

Medicare stopped recognizing and paying for old consult codes. Per Medicare, consult codes need modification as below. [So the RVU for consults is not very clear at this point. The excel has RVU for consults based on old info.]

Citation from CMS | Inpatient Hospital Services

The CMS Claims Processing Manual, Chapter 12, §30.6.9 F

Physicians may bill initial hospital care service codes (99221-99223), for services that were reported with CPT® consultation codes (99241 – 99255) prior to January 1, 2010, when the furnished service and documentation meet the minimum key component work and/or medical necessity requirements.

Physicians may report a subsequent hospital care CPT® code for services that were reported as CPT® consultation codes (99241 – 99255) prior to January 1, 2010, where the medical record appropriately demonstrates that the work and medical necessity requirements are met for reporting a subsequent hospital care code (under the level selected), even though the reported code is for the provider’s first E/M service to the inpatient during the hospital stay.

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