How to be Happy and Healthy while working as a Hospitalist?

? Those 7 days of 12hr work days can be very difficult sometimes. You have to plan well so you can be happy and healthy. I think that the essence of life should be ‘Happy and Healthy with minimum effort’.

1. Eat right Like this. Include colorful vegetables in your diet as much as possible. I think your body is what you eat. I think every one should keep this picture in mind every time  you eat. This will change the way you eat and will make you healthy and handsome/beautiful in the long term. Typically, it can be 50% fruits and vegetables25% of protein and 25% of carbohydrates along with some dairy products by the side. Click on the plate to get a clear picture.

1. Relax for a few seconds every hour and whenever you get time during work. Meditation is the method of making your mind and body relaxed so they start functioning at neutral state, which is the best state to be in.

Say to yourself “R  E  L  A  X’. Relax your muscles, all of them. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes while sitting if nobody is around. This helps a lot of people. Several small relaxations like this can save you from stress most of the time.

3. Exercise – Try to walk up and downstairs while working. Avoid using elevator. I know you won’t have enough time to exercise at a gym. Keep nice music while running a treadmill or an elliptical so you can run little more time than you planned to. Start slowly as always and pick up gradually.

4. Sleep at least 7-8 hours every night, as this is very important to prevent making mistakes at work

5. Wash your hands with soap and water. As you get in contact with contaminated surroundings daily.

6. Be nice to everyone. Don’t take it personal when facing difficult situations. Don’t expect everything to go smoothly. Spending time with people you like is very important.

7. Do not be in a rush to go home. This could cause lot of anxiety at work place.

8. Get your white coat washed every week. It feels good to wear a clean white coat.

9. Try to dilute the work. If you have too many patient discharges in the morning, you could probably do dictations after sending all of them home first.

10. Anybody can behave in any unexpected way, any day and any time. Just expect and when you face it, you won’t be stressed out.

11. Every day, make a list of at least 5 things that you have, for which you can thank god for being happy to have been blessed with. Sometimes, you have to force yourself to think positively.

“Fill your mind with good thoughts. I prefer not to think about the past. I miss those good times from the past. I also remember bad times that I went through. So, either ways I feel bad when I think about the past. So, I prefer to think about present and future.”

12. If you think you are tired, Stop using the smart phone that day unless you absolutely need to. Trust me, you will feel better the next day.

13. Do not think too far into future. Too much planning tires us out. If you are tired, just focus on today only. The kids are still active after hours of play because they don’t think about future as much as we do. It’s not to say you should not think but certain times when you are stressed, you may have to concentrate on the present time.

14. When nothing works, and you are stressed, use less and less technology. Keep aside phone, computer, TV, car, etc which could cause stress. Basically, Say to yourself ” I need to just slow down in everything I do

15. Last but not the least, attend your choice of spiritual center. Once a week is good in my view but it is up to you.

These all will help in the long term. Make them as a habit. Results are not seen right away but still continue do your best to make yourself better.