How to prevent Burnout as a hospitalist?

  • Make the hospitalists carry optimal number of patients daily. The work load increases exponentially once the patient load is more than 15 per day
  • Try not to use smart phones too much during the work week. Minimize the usage even before you start feeling tired.
  • I feel that every hospitalist office should have a room with a bed so that it helps tired hospitalists sometimes to take rest lying down for few minutes. This is not to sleep but just to relax lying down.
  • Do not schedule too many lunch time meetings in any given week. Lunch time is a good relaxing hour which should not be disturbed as much as possible especially during busy week. The lunch hour helps in improving collegiality among the physicians.
  • Sleep 7-8 hrs every night. I think every one does better when they sleep better.
  • Do some exercise especially during off week time. Being physically fit can make it easy to work with efficiency and not get tired that easily.
  • Eat healthy. This is very important. Take a look at this picture and if not all meals, most of the meals should follow this rule. 
  • Take several small relaxations during the course of the day. Sit in a quite place (preferably). Say to yourself “relax. I am feeling healthy” Take a nice deep breath. Relax your muscles.
  • Don’t be in a rush to go home as it causes stress to finish early. See sick patients first, then discharges and then the other patients.
  • Arrange the dresses you wear for the whole week prior to your starting the week. This will make it easy to begin the day.
  • ‘Slow down’ as and when you think you are getting tired.
  • Keep yourself well hydrated with water. Avoid too much coffee.
  • Take a day or two off (exchange with your colleagues) during the week you are working nights. 7 nights in a row could be very difficult in the long term.
  • An other technique I do, my way, is applying this oil to my scalp and massaging it myself for 10 minutes 2-3 times a week during my off time. It is tingly when you apply. This really helps me. Take shower in about half hour after that. You have to make sure you are not allergic just like any other oils.