Hyperphosphatemia and Hypophosphatemia


Usually the Chronic renal failure patients are the ones you see most commonly with high Phosphorus.

Nephrology evaluation if CKD 3-4.

Dietarty Phosphate Restriction

Phosphate binders include

1. Calcium Based ( Calcium Carbonate/Calcium Citrate/ Calcium Acetate=PhosLo) and

2. noncalcium-, nonaluminum-, nonmagnesium-containing phosphate-binding agents (such as sevelamer HCl=Renagel)

3. Aluminium Hydroxide, Aluminium Carbonate


Usually patients with malnutrition from Alcohol Abuse, severe diarrhea, etc are noticed to have low phosphorus.

Potassium or Sodium Phosphate 10-15mmol IV, one or two doses

Neutra-phos PO 1 tab BID or TID

Different hospitals have different formulae. Talk to other hospitalists or the pharmacy.