Moving Back To Hyderabad Resources for NRIs

#Scan and upload documents to your computer or personal drive for easy access.

#Arrange phone to use in India. Maintaining a US phone number in India.

#Arrange housing in Hyderabad to make it smooth to move. Things to consider while buying an apartment or a Villa in Hyderabad. Check out NRI Hyderabad Real-estate Investors Facebook group.

#Cancel Subscriptions, utility accounts.

#Make/get copies of health record if you have significant health issues.

#If you have properties in USA, make sure you have will, POA or other legal documents if needed.

#Arrange a vehicle in India if you need to travel sooner than later in India.

#Think about Health Insurance in Bharat

# Flying your pets to Bharat

# Shipping Stuff to Bharat

# If you need VPN to work from India – ExpressVPN Aircove | Ultra-Fast Wi-Fi 6 Dual-Band VPN Router | VPN Protection for All Devices | Includes 30-Day ExpressVPN Free Trial (Non-U.S. International Version)

# Travel Adapter to use US electronic items in Bharat- BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter 100-220V to 110V Voltage Converter 250W with 6A 4-Port USB Charging 3 AC Sockets and EU/UK/AU/US/India Worldwide Plug Adapter (White)

#NRO/NRE Accounts if needed: Compare all NRI accounts ,

Apply for NRO/NRE account: ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, HDFC Bank, HSBC

#OCI Card: OCI Services | vfsglobal [If you need help, you can join Facebook group to use their services]

#Kids Schooling: Secure seats for kids in schools of your choice well in advance [may be several months earlier].

International Schools in Hyderabad

CBSE or IB? Confused about which board to study in? Read here for the analysis

#Managing Finance Accounts:

A Guide To Managing 401K When Moving Back To India

How To Keep Accounts In USA After Returning To India?

Change addresses and beneficiaries

Organize bank accounts in USA-close if not needed.

#WhatsApp Groups:

Return to India: Hyderabad WhatsApp Group
Return2India: Chennai WhatsApp Group
Return2India: Pune WhatsApp Group

NRI Returns – Hyd Real Estate Opportunities

Return to India : Physicians WhatsApp Group

#Rules about buying Agricultural Land in India for NRIs: Acquisition and Transfer of Immovable Property in India

#Investing in Indian Stock Market: Sectors with Possible High Investment Returns In Bharat

For US/Canada residents, the eligible list of funds is limited to 6 AMCs only because of FATCA regulations. So, you will see a filtered view.

Any index fund that tracks nifty 50 or Sensex.

Check out UTI Nifty 50 or HDFC Index S&P BSE Sensex fund.

Documents are required to open a Zerodha account as an NRI

GoiNRI –Investing in India ‍made easy for NRIs/OCIs

Open DEMAT and Trading Account with ICICIDIRECT

#Indian Visa Application: India Visa Online (

#Income Tax Website in

#Aadhar Card

#PAN Card

#Know the number of cell phone connections issued in your name/mobile number