Quickest way to learn car driving and get Driving License in the first try

I have a nice trick that helped me learn car driving on my own in just 2 days over the weekend.

I was in the university doing Masters when I did this. 

Basically, the written test may vary in different states. But, when it comes to practical driving test, it is the same in every state with regards to what they test. 

Basically, they want to see if you are following the traffic rules and if you have good control of the vehicle. 

If you are in an university, try to find if anyone else is trying to get driving license. 

It is easy to prepare together for the written and practical test. 

Print out the manual the DMV in your state has in their website. 

Read it once or twice. 

Ask the people how the test was if someone took it just before you. 

Get good idea about what they are asking and how to remember certain stuff if you don’t remember easily. 

Once you pass the written test, you get Learner’s driving permit. 

After that, get hold of someone who already has a driving license. 

Find a nice large parking lot which is vacant in the weekend close to your area where you live.

Take the person with Driving license and take a car for lease over a weekend for 2 days.

There are 2 uses to taking car for lease over the weekend. 

  1. It can be cheaper
  2. The parking lot is empty so you can practice safely.

Get the help of the person who has driving license to give you some orientation class on the car and driving once he or she helps you get that car to the empty parking lot.

After that, start practicing. 

learn car driving quickly for driving license
Photo by Samuele Errico Piccarini on Unsplash

Sit in the car driving seat very comfortably. Adjust the height of the seat in such a way that you are able to see the front of the car as much as possible. This will help you have a better control of the car. 

Do not keep your seat so low that you feel like you are sitting in a deep hole as this makes it very difficult to have good control on the car. Do what ever makes you feel that you have a better control of the car and the view in front and back of the car. 

After that, comes the main trick. 

Do not keep driving the car in a straight line. That does not teach you driving quick enough. 

Do turnings as many times as possible. Turn the car clock wise and anti-clock wise. Drive the car in the FIGURE OF 8. Keep doing this the entire weekend. Practice parking it in parallel. Stop at the STOP sign. Use TURN signals when you have to turn. Learn how to have control of the car when going back straight. You should be able to drive the car back in a straight line without going off the road. You should be able to start your turn signal enough distance away from the actual place where you turn your car. 

A big empty open parking lot is a blessing for all the new drivers. These are usually available in universities and certain work places. 

The more turns you make and the more times you STOP and GO, the easier and quicker you will learn to drive. 

Do this for maximum number of hours in that weekend that you took the car for lease. 

Once you are fairly confident, request the person who is helping you to take you and that car to the driving test center. 

By now, you should have asked the people who took the test recently as to how they are testing your driving. 

Usually, there is a particular way the test center people ask the new drivers to drive and make stops in the path which they use for all the new driver testing. 

Usually, the test center is closed in the weekends. So once again, this is the reason why weekend leasing the car and practicing is so important as the test center exam road or path is empty too so you can practice exactly the way they test you. 

This alleviates fear.

I used this technique and got Driving license very quickly. Please comment if you have more tricks. 

Do not worry if you don’t feel confident in just one weekend practice. Practice an other weekend. 

Do not feel bad if you fail the practical driving test once or even twice. Some centers fail the candidates once or twice intentionally just the candidates practice more and do not get overconfident. 

Good luck.