Visitor Health Insurance for Parents

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10 key points to consider when purchasing travel insurance for parents visiting the USA from India:

  1. Importance of Health Insurance: If your parents are planning a visit from India, it’s crucial to buy health insurance to cover them during their stay in the United States. The cost of healthcare in the USA is among the highest globally, and even minor treatments can lead to substantial bills.
  2. Travel Medical Insurance: Opt for travel medical insurance, which provides short-term health care coverage for visitors to the U.S. It functions more like traditional U.S. health insurance, with deductibles, copays, and provider networks, rather than traditional travel insurance.
  3. Coverage for Pre-existing Conditions: Look for comprehensive coverage that includes hospitalization, prescription drugs, diagnostic tests, and emergency medical evacuation. Consider plans that cover acute onset of pre-existing conditions, especially given their prevalence in older age.
  4. Policy Limits: Policies have different maximum limits. Choose a higher limit if your parents have severe health conditions.
  5. Deductibles: Understand the out-of-pocket amount (deductible) you need to pay before insurance coverage kicks in. Balance affordability with comfort.
  6. Network: Some policies require visits to network healthcare providers. Ensure the policy’s network includes good hospitals near your location.
  7. Types of Plans: Visitor travel insurance generally falls into two categories:
    • Fixed Plan Travel Insurance: Less expensive but offers limited coverage with sub-limits for each medical situation.
    • Comprehensive Travel Insurance: Provides broader coverage, compensating for unexpected trip cancellations, delays, and interruptions.
  8. Best Health Insurance Options:
    • Atlas America: Suitable for individuals aged 70 and above.
    • Patriot America Plus: Good coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions up to age 79.
    • Safe Travels USA Comprehensive: High policy limits and wide coverage.
  9. Assess the Need: Evaluate your parents’ specific needs, including their health history, length of stay, and medical coverage requirements.
  10. Purchase the Plan: Once you’ve researched options, understand the coverage, and considered costs, proceed to purchase the most suitable plan for your parents’ visit.

Remember, investing in health insurance ensures your parents receive quality medical care without facing exorbitant costs. Safe travels!

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