Doctors’ advices to Doctors

  1. Health and Wellness:
    • Start weight training for graceful aging.
    • Invest in mental and physical health.
    • Prioritize potentially physically-strenuous travel destinations first.
    • Move more, make social life a priority, learn to cook, pray, and stay positive.
    • Take good care of your teeth.
    • Listen to your body and prioritize self-care.
  2. Financial Planning:
    • Open a Roth IRA.
    • Automate investing and check annually.
    • Get disability and life insurance early.
    • Start saving early and explore investment opportunities.
    • Understand financial terms like Roth IRA, compounding interest, 1099 vs W2 income, and the importance of dollar-cost averaging.
    • Learn about contracts, including their negotiation and what to look for.
    • Consider the pros and cons of different job types (e.g., hospital-employed vs private practice).
    • Prioritize work-life balance in job selection.
    • Plan for retirement and know how much you need for a comfortable retirement.
    • Understand disability insurance policies and invest wisely.
    • Consider the financial implications of divorce and marriage.
  3. Career and Professional Development:
    • Pursue what you love and understand your fundamental motivation.
    • Explore non-clinical career paths.
    • Learn about estate planning, taxes, and malpractice coverage.
    • Advocate for yourself and your patients, and know your value.
    • Keep learning and challenging biases.
    • Understand the business side of medicine.
    • Know your options and be willing to walk away from situations that don’t serve you.
  4. Personal Growth and Relationships:
    • Make time for loved ones, including spouse and children.
    • Invest in relationships and prioritize family over work.
    • Take vacations and prioritize self-care.
    • Seek support and advice from colleagues, mentors, and professionals.
    • Understand the importance of boundaries and self-awareness.
    • Pursue activities outside of medicine for personal fulfillment.
    • Learn to manage stress and seek help for mental health issues.
  5. Miscellaneous:
    • Freeze eggs for women considering fertility options.
    • Use sunscreen on exposed skin.
    • Consider the implications of different types of insurance and contracts.
    • Stay curious and open to learning.
    • Have an exit plan and be prepared for change.
    • Read recommended books for financial and personal growth.


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