Funny Typos in progress notes documentation

I work as a physician advisor, and I get to read a lot of documentation by various health care workers. In the last 3 years, I found a lot of typos in the notes and I used to save them just for fun. Here I am sharing some of them. You can see the left side of the table and guess the right side words for fun.

TypoActual Word/s
We impactVimpat
Mental HydrationMental Retardation
It is not realLisinopril
a point mentalappointment
VD goVertigo
and dressed oEntresto
dialyzed weaknessgeneralized weakness
much rheaHematuria
Berry City nebBaricitinib
Saline EMSelenium
History on wasAztreonam
Time atticTraumatic
hello inHalloween
well psych revereValcyclovir
picks in addedvaccinated
Rim does severeRemdesivir
more prank acidValproic acid
Perky acid levelValproic acid level
Rim does reviewRemdesivir
gust withdiscussed with
locale monthLokelma
Remedy severeRemdesivir
well until earlyVoluntarily
Soft GI massEsophageal mass
Mental G appointmentDermatology appointment
Head piece just errHerpes zoster
Bus per ownBuspirone
Rhythm it wasErythematous
Next stentExtent
Will mentalOmental
Trans amick acidTranexamic acid
Bleed table testingTilt table testing
Is loose is disorderExplosive disorder

Did you notice any funny typos in your day to day work?


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