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How to remember the most difficult words to spell in Hospital Medicine?

One of the medical students tweeted with a question in Twitter about the most difficult words to spell in medicine. It was interesting. I thought we can add all the difficult words to spell in Hospital Medicine so that documentation looks better.

I tried to make it easy to remember the spelling by breaking the words. Remember the bolded colorful part of the word and hopefully, it will help to remember the spellings easily the next time we dictate and mic does not transcribe correctly.

Abscess [Abs Cess]

Amitriptyline [tyl …all other places it has “i” ]

Anesthesiology [ It has ‘nest’ in it]

Arrhythmia [‘Arr’…….when you are angry]



Crohn’s disease [ Its like John ]

Dupuytren’s contracture




Epididymitis [ dym and at all other places it has “i” ]

Epley maneuver



Guaiac test



Hidradenitis suppurativa [ Hydra den itis ] [ suppu rativa ]

Hypercoagulability [ Hypercoa gulab ility ]

In tussus ception [ TUSSUS ]

Lymphangio leio myomatosis

Maintenance [ tena is like TINA ]



Paracoccidioides [ Parcoccid ioi des ]

Penicillin [ cill ]


Resuscitation [ Resus Citation]

Sacroiliitis [Sacro ili itis]

Please send me if you have any more difficult words that we come across in hospital medicine whose spellings are confusing sometimes at hospitalistx@gmail.com.

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