MENs syndromes; remember easily

SyndromeTip to RememberEasily
MEN 1PAN PAR PIT Pancreatic TumorParathyroid tumorPituitary Tumor
MEN II AMED PHE PARMedullary Thyroid CaPheochromocytoma Parathyroid tumor
MEN IIIBMED PHE NEU Medullary Thyroid Ca Pheochromocytoma Neuroma, Mucosa

Pancreatic tumors can cause hypoglycemia due to excessive insulin secretion.

Calcium can be high in Parathyroid tumors.

So, if a patient has a pancreatic tumor, we should check PTH to look for Parathyroid tumor and MRI of the brain to look for Pituitary tumor.

If one tumor is seen in any MEN syndrome, we should look for other tumors of that syndrome.


HTN and Palpitations can be seen with Pheochromocytoma.

Calcitonin is increased in Medullary Ca of Thyroid.


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