Tick Borne Infections

Heart ticks under Lt BREAST

RRMSF [Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever]
SSTARI [Southern Tick Associated Rash Illness]

Lyme: Erythema migrans can be many different forms. Clinical diagnosis mainly. Treat with Doxy or Amoxi in pregnant.

Babesia: Maltese cross, Tetrad. Needs 2 drugs to treat.

RMSF: Macular rash in the extremities becomes petechial. Treat with Doxy.

Tularemia: Ulceroglandular, oculoglandular disease. Treat with Streptomycin.


The below is not related to Ticks but just bonus points to remember easily.

Cristy is my honey. Steph is my honey too. LOL. ==>Honey crusted lesions are caused by Staphylococcus.

Fiery Erysepalas is caused by Streptococcus. Treat with PCN.


I always get confused between these two conditions.

  1. LGV [LymphoGranuloma Venereum] is caused by Chlamydia->Buboes, fistulae, rectal scarring. Rx. Doxy x21d

2. GI [Granuloma Inguinale] is caused by Klebsiella->looks like Penis Ca, Donovan bodies. Rx. Doxy x21d

I remember this way: GI Club–>GI is caused by Klebsiella.

[Donovan bodies are safety pin shaped intracytoplasmic inclusions.]


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