Utilization Review or Chart Review Jobs for Physicians

Here is a list of companies which offer jobs to physicians for chart reviews/Utilization reviews. Links take directly to pages where one can apply for a job. Make a resume for Utilization Management job first.

  1. Advanced Medical Reviews [Admere]
  2. AETNA
  3. AllMed Healthcare Management, Inc.
  4. Anthem/AIM Specialty Health
  5. BHM Healthcare Solutions
  6. Capitol Bridge
  7. Care Review
  8. Centene
  9. Cigna
  10. CIMRO
  11. Claims Eval, Inc
  12. CohereHealth
  13. Considine & Associates (HealthClaim Review®)
  14. Corevisory
  15. Dane Street
  16. Empire State Medical Scientific and Educational Foundation, Inc.
  17. Evicore
  18. ezURs
  19. Greeley
  20. Healthcare Quality Strategies Inc (HQSI)
  21. HHC group
  22. HMSpermedion
  23. Humana
  24. Independent Medical Expert Consulting Services[IMEDECS]
  25. IPRO, Inc.
  26. KEPRO Physician Reviewers
  27. Lumetra Healthcare Solutions
  28. Magellan Health
  29. Managed Medical Review Organization (MMRO)
  30. Maximus Federal Services
  31. MCMC LLC
  32. IMedECS Physician Reviewer Opportunities-Independent Medical Expert Consult Services
  33. Medical Consultants Network, LLC
  34. Medical Review Institute of America [MRIOA]– Email: medical.opportunities@mrioa.com
  35. Medical ReviewStream by Concentra
  36. MedManagement, LLC
  37. MET Healthcare Solutions
  38. MLS Medical Review Services
  39. Molina
  40. MPRO
  41. National Medical Reviews
  42. Nexus/Nexmc
  43. Optum
  44. Oscar
  45. Physician Advisor On-Call
  46. Physician Review Network– Application, Email: recruiting@prniro.com
  47. Physicians Review Organization
  48. PrestMDs
  49. Prium
  50. ProPeer Resources Inc.
  51. Provider Resources, Inc.
  52. QTC
  53. R1 RCM
  54. Reliable Review Services
  55. ReviewMed
  56. South Florida Utilization Review
  57. UHC
  58. Versalus Health
  59. Xsolis

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Note:  If those links don’t work, please let us know the correct link so we can change to the correct link.


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  1. Hi I am interested in medical chart review jobs.I am currrently retiring from medical practice and looking for a part time .


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