How to get the shortened and important summary of a long Youtube video with ChatGPT?

YouTube has lot of useful videos related to healthcare. We sometimes want to listen to long YouTube videos but do not have enough time to do so. Here is a trick to get the main or key points of any YouTube video in a few seconds.

First, make an account on ChatGPT by going here.

Then, Open your chrome browser on your desktop. If you do not have chrome browser on your desktop, you can down it here.

Go to

Then click on Install on Chrome.

Then, open any YouTube video.

On upper right corner of the screen, you can see the Transcript and Summary [blue checkmark below] of the video made by Glasp that we downloaded above.

Click on Transcript and Summary and you then see logo of ChatGPT as shown with blue check mark below.

Click on ChatGPT logo and it will take you to ChatGPT website where if you already have an account, can see shortened summary of the entire YouTube video content given below.

Title: “COVID 19 VACCINE SIDE EFFECTS-MY EXPERIENCE – YouTube” Video Transcript: “hi i’m back i’m dr chandra i want to share my experience with pfizer kobe 19 vaccine with you all the first dose i took on 22nd of december that is in my left deltoid muscle on the first day that day i took my vaccine i got a little bit of soreness in that area but most prominent was my headache and there was a little bit swelling by the time i slept that evening so i took tylenol and slept i was fine through the night the next morning when i woke up i had mild body aches and headache was back so when the headache was severe i was just waiting i was i wanted to see how it goes so by around 5 pm that second day after my first dose i got chills and i felt feverish there was a little bit of shaking so i thought maybe i should take tylenol at that time so around five to six pm i took tylenol and after that everything was fine no more issues and after 19 days i took my second dose in my right deltoid so the second dose you can take anywhere from 17 to 21 days so when they schedule your vaccine they will tell you and they will make sure you are in that period in that window period and you can choose which side you want the second time i took left hand the first and on the right shoulder right deltoid muscle on this in the second dose it just so happened i didn’t plan it i just said okay do it here this time you can do it in the same deltoid muscles the second time also there’s no indication or contraindication so the first day after i took the second dose there was a little bit swelling and soreness in that area but i took tylenol early in the morning itself after i took my vaccine i just took tylenol because every all the other doctors are doing the same thing they said uh just take tylenol you will be fine and the the good thing about second time is i did not have any headache the first time that was the most prominent problem i had so that day i slept it was all okay so the second day after my second dose when i woke up i had severe body pains and i felt feverish the whole day since the morning but no headache so after i had my breakfast that day i took tylenol but still i the whole day i felt a little bit feverish a little bit uh body aches and i was i was asking my family members do you feel cold they said no it’s so good it’s good but i was feeling cold so i felt as though you know i feel when you get um cold running nose coughing sneezing like a flu flu symptoms with body aches it’s exactly like that except that i don’t have runny nose i don’t have coughing i don’t have uh running our watery eyes so except those features the rest of the body pains and feeling feeling feverish and feeling weak everything resembled that the second day so before i slept i took another tylenol so i took two tylenols on day two after second dose and when i woke up in the morning i was completely normal today is my third day so that’s why i’m doing my video so that i can give you what all i felt my experience i can share with you until i get better so i got better today no more um body aches no more feeling feverish no headache no symptom uh except a little bit sore in the deltoid muscle a little bit pain when i touch it other than that i am completely back to normal so some of the uh in the facebook groups of doctors some doctors they said that they had some rare effects i don’t know how far they can they can be attributed to the vaccine so here remember i only had experience with pfizer vaccine so i’m not going to speak about modern i think symptoms uh all of us all the issues are similar with the modern now um except that it’s given after 21 for 28 days like four weeks plus or minus four days um so some of the rare effects that the other doctors were talking about were some said that the skin tags on the neck you know when we wear jewelry we we get skin tags in the neck so those got inflamed and fell off so they fell down so so it was a good thing because they were saying a few doctors explained that this happened after taking the vaccine so probably it’s a good thing those skin tags are going falling off but it’s a few people said that i don’t know if it is a side effect or not but that’s what happened after taking the vaccine and another person posted a picture of their family member who is like in 80s or 70s getting a skin rash after the dose of vaccine so i don’t know if this is a side effect of the one of the components of the vaccine but that’s also mentioned but it’s only one person that was that had had it so a few other people also said that they had lymph node swelling in the axilla like you know if you take if they got the vaccine the left deltoid the same side with in the axilla or armpit we call in common terms um those were swollen and uh for some it lasted for a couple of weeks um so that’s another rare effect that people were sharing that they had it i mean people in the sense of other doctors so this is all my experience i hope uh my experience will help give you an idea as to uh what you can expect um all the doctors are encouraging everybody to get it unless you have really bad reactions like allergic reactions to some stuff in the in the in the back in the past suppose you have like 20 allergies to 20 different things then probably you should look at it more carefully if you have any questions um you can always ask your family doctor um please comment below if you have any questions to ask me about my experience so i hope uh everybody gets a vaccine very soon and uh i hope our we come back to our regular life thank you very much you have a good day please uh subscribe if you have not uh the next few videos i want to talk about the health of southeast asians or indians in america like what we get and how to prevent heart attacks how to prevent sudden death how to prevent hospitalization um and what happens in the hospital when you go with the chest pain or how to reduce uh medical expenditure medical bills when you go to the hospital or how to talk to the doctor how to reach the nurse how to go around in the hospital to get the best care possible so because i’ve been working in the hospital system hospital inside the building of the hospital taking care of very sick patients and dying patients i have a lot of experience in that so i’m going to share with you to just help our um how i help the community and especially focus on the uh nra indians or our indians coming here and you know uh living here for a long time so please subscribe i will see you later bye”

Video Summary:

The speaker, Dr. Chandra, shared their experience with the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. They received the first dose on December 22nd and experienced soreness, swelling, headache, and body aches on the first day. On the second day, they had chills, fever, and shaking. They took Tylenol and felt better. After 19 days, they received the second dose and experienced swelling and soreness in the deltoid muscle, but no headache. On the second day after the second dose, they had severe body pains, fever, and a feeling of coldness. They took Tylenol twice and felt better on the third day. They also mentioned that some doctors in Facebook groups reported rare effects such as inflamed skin tags on the neck falling off after taking the vaccine.

Now, try it on any youtube video you like and see what happens.


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