Medicare Advantage Plans: A poem

Oh, Medicare Advantage plans,

Denying care like it’s their only plan.

Patients in need, left in a lurch,

While profits for insurers continue to surge.


Inpatient care? What a joke!

Unless you want your wallet to go broke.

Those commercial insurance plans,

Care more about money than patients in their hands.


They love observation, not inpatient stays,

Keeping patients in limbo for days and days.

Inpatient status? That’s too expensive,

They’d rather keep you under observation, that’s their incentive.


Doctors and nurses, they do care,

But insurance companies give them quite the scare.

Denying claims left and right,

Saying “sorry, we can’t help with your plight”.


So if you’re feeling sick and blue,

Just know that insurance companies don’t care about you.

They’d rather keep their pockets full,

Than help you when you’re feeling dull.


But let’s not get too down in the dumps,

We’ll just have to get a little more plump.

Take care of ourselves, and each other too,

And give those insurance companies the old “boo-hoo”!


Oh, it’s true that Medicare Advantage plans,

Can help minimize waste, and save some grands.

By reducing unnecessary stays,

They can help make healthcare more efficient in many ways.


But sometimes it feels like they go too far,

Denying care, leaving patients in the dark.

There must be a balance, that we can find,

Between saving money and being kind.


So let’s work together, and find a way,

To make healthcare better, every day.

By reducing waste, and being smart,

We can give patients the care they deserve, from the start.


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