Steps to get a UM /Utilization Management job for doing Utilization Reviews.

Are you planning to get an UM job to do Utilization Reviews?

If yes, here are some steps that you can take to start planning for it right away. Please remember that all the steps mentioned below are not necessary. Do as many as possible until you get the job you are looking for.

Choose who you want to work for? Hospital vs Insurance Company

Join the Facebook group for Physician Advisors, Chart Review, CDI, and Utilization Management.

Get your LinkedIn profile updated and connect with other physician advisors.

Update your Curriculum Vitae/Resume. Add in your CV/resume the language the UM companies are looking for.

Join Hospital UM or Quality Improvement or Performance Improvement committees in your hospital

Get any leadership experience in your hospital if possible

Become a member of American College of Physician Advisors. American College Of Physician Advisors courses– give CME that you can use to augment your CV when applying for UM jobs.

Attend UM Conferences

Become a member and take ABQAURP Certification to Become a certified Physician Advisor.

Search for UM jobs on Google or LinkedIn and start applying. Search on for 1. Physician Advisor Utilization, 2. Physician Advisor remote or 3. Utilization Review Physician. Search on for 1. Physician Advisor Utilization, 2. Physician Advisor Remote or 3. Physician Utilization Review

Look in ACPA [American College of Physician Advisors] jobs board page to look for jobs available.

If there is an opening in a specific company, find someone working there by searching on LinkedIn and request them to refer you.

Prepare for Interview

Know what salary/pay per hour you want to ask if selected


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